Freedom Mobile

Freedom Mobile allows for frictionless physical access to a door using the native GPS and Bluetooth technology directly from a mobile device, replacing the need for a physical credential.

Access in the palm of your hand. Get the power of frictionless access directly from your mobile device.

What Is Freedom Mobile?

Identiv’s Freedom Access Control System is an IT-centric, web-based solution — Freedom Mobile is an extension of that complete solution. The Freedom Mobile App allows for access to a door using the native GPS and bluetooth technology directly from their mobile device, replacing the need for a physical credential, such as a card or fob.

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Simple Mobile Credentials Management

Credentials are derived from the Freedom Mobile App and are unique to each mobile device. Using the GPS location of the user’s phone, combined with the GPS location of the access point, access is granted using only the mobile credential. With Freedom Mobile, issuing and managing mobile credentials has never been easier.

Hassle-Free Onboarding and Enrollment

The Freedom system offers the ability to create a mobile onboarding email template that can be defined by the administrator, allowing for the sharing of the iOS or Google Play store link, as well as login information for the mobile app, ensuring a seamless, hassle-free mobile enrollment process. and Freedom Integration

Defining the geolocation of a door can be simplified by combining Freedom with the GPS beacon solution. The low-profile Beacon Pro device can be physically and discreetly placed at a door location. With the API integration between the service and Freedom, assigning a beacon to a controlled area is as simple as choosing the appropriate beacon from a drop-down list.

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