Thursby CAC and PIV-Enabled Email Solution

Identiv’s Thursby CAC and PIV-enabled email solution includes the only DISA-approved BYOD mobile security app and readers, allowing secure, encrypted access to mission-critical federal government sites on-the-go or from home.

Mission Critical CAC and PIV-Enabled Email On-the-Go or at Home

Accessing Common Access Card (CAC) and Personal Identification Verification (PIV)-enabled websites and secure email from a mobile device has never been easier or more secure. Identiv’s CAC and PIV-enabled email solutions include the Thursby Sub Rosa mobile software suite and Thursby PKard® Readers. Sub Rosa is the only Defense Information Security Agency (DISA)-approved Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile security app, allowing secure, encrypted access to mission-critical federal government sites on-the-go or from home.

DISA-Approved Thursby Sub Rosa Mobile Software Suite

For anyone that needs to use a CAC, PIV, or derived credential on a phone or tablet, Identiv’s Thursby Sub Rosa iOS and Android™ secure mobile browser apps are direct, robust options. Thursby Sub Rosa is the only mobile browser available that allows access to Defense Travel Systems (DTS) and the ability to sign, encrypt, or decrypt emails on Outlook 2013, 2016, and Outlook Web Access (OWA365) servers, allowing you to view, create, and respond to calendar events. Sub Rosa is also FIPS 140-2 validated and approved under DISA’s Department of Defense (DoD) Mobile App Store. The browser acts as an authentication agent, smoothly coordinating reader and card access to an optional secure app ecosystem. Editing and signing PDF documents from an iPhone®, iPad®, or Android phone or tablet is available for an additional charge.

Thursby Pkard Readers Support U.S. Federal BYOD or GFE

Identiv’s Thursby CAC and PIV-enabled email solution is perfect for connected, efficient employees or soldiers, ensuring they are maintaining proper security requirements. Sleek, secure Thursby PKard Readers for Apple® or Android take mobility to the next level, providing high security while supporting U.S. federal BYOD and Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) requirements.

Thursby PKard Readers for Apple and Android Are Ready to Go (or Stay at Home)

Tired of carrying two phones or a bulky laptop? Thursby’s sturdy metal universal plug-in smart card readers for Apple make mobile work a reality. Use of the lightning connector supports a wide range of Apple iPad® and iPhone® devices. Thursby collapsible plug-in smart card readers for Android are compact, flexible, and bundled with software and support. The readers are available as micro-USB or USB-C and are agnostic across the Android platform.

Thursby PKard Reader Cases for Apple and Android Are Available Anywhere, Anytime

Thursby reader cases are elegant, discrete, and currently available for Samsung Galaxy S7/S9 model phones, iPad mini, iPhone 6/6s, and iPhone 7/8/SE (2nd Gen). The cases with built-in PKard Readers are bundled with software and support for the most secure mobile CAC and PIV card enablement. Cases feature an easy on/off one-piece design, easy pass through charging via the built-in micro USB port, and allow smart cards to securely slide into the back of the case.

The Most Secure CAC and PIV-Enabled Email for U.S. Federal Agencies

The Thursby CAC and PIV-enabled email solution is used widely throughout nearly all agencies of the United States federal government, with the majority of concentration in the Department of Defense (DoD). Today, there are over 300,000 active Sub Rosa users throughout the federal government. The U.S. Navy Reserve is Identiv’s largest customer, with 45,000 readers already deployed, and other major deployments include the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Air Marshals. 85% of federal cybersecurity managers agree that mobile work increases the risk of cyber threats to their agency’s data; a secure solution is needed, and fast, as federal government mobile phishing encounter rates reached 40% in Q1 of 2020.

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