Identiv is trusted by industries worldwide. Where do you fit in?

From single site to multi-campus locations, Identiv secures places, people, and things all over the globe. With over 5,000 customers and 400 partners, we’re sure to serve your industry. Don’t see it here? Just ask.

  • Government

    Identiv secures government sites from standard office spaces to highly secure facilities.

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  • Oil and Gas

    • Industrial-grade networkable access control system
    • Emergency muster solutions
    • Visitor and contractor ID and access management
    • Integration with employee database and certification
    • Enterprise scalable, TWIC-compliant
    • Strong authentication to computers, network, mobile and PLC devices
    • UHF and NFC transponders for IoT applications
  • Telecommunications/Utilities

    • Industrial-grade distributed networkable system
    • Remote tower and facility access and security management
    • Visitor and contractor ID and access management
    • Browser interface for enrollment, monitoring, and control from anywhere
    • Strong authentication to computers, network, and mobile devices
    • Strong authentication to industrial controls and SCADA
    • NERC-compliant
  • Education

    Our campus-wide access control, ID badging, real-time video intelligence, and library applications are sure to help you increase campus security and safety.

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  • Airports & Aviation

    Identiv helps airports and aviation facilities face unique challenges head-on as they manage internal airport personnel, customs agents, security teams, and the general public.

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  • Healthcare

    Identiv provides secure facility access, video integration, badging, compliance, and RFID tracking at hospitals, medical centers and other healthcare facilities.

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  • Retail

    • Forensic video search for POS and return transactions
    • Video data to help pinpoint criminal activity
    • Engage customers at specific locations with dwell analytics
    • Traffic analysis with heatmaps, dwell, and demographics
    • Observe and understand areas of interest by traffic density using directional heatmap
    • Queue-line management to reduce abandonment
    • Protect customers, employees, and inventory
  • Banking/Finance

    • Real-time monitoring, alerting, and investigative capabilities
    • Integrated case management for investigations
    • Reduce fraud with facial analytics
    • License plate monitoring (including color/size) at drive-through ATMs
    • Reduce fraud with integrated ATM data and teller transactions