uTrust Cards Service Bureau

Identiv’s uTrust Cards Service Bureau provides centralized issuance for SMBs in need of plastic credential card personalization.

Your Brand, Your Identity

Credential Options

Centralized Issuance,
Advanced Personalization

Identiv’s uTrust Cards Service Bureau provides advanced personalization services for all types of plastic credential cards in a variety of markets, including access control, education, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals. The Service Bureau supports central issuance — produce standard or custom card designs centrally and ship to customer sites for distribution, or issue cards to individual employee home addresses with a PIN mailer (and the option to ship internationally).

Why We Love It

  • Comprehensive
    125 KHz low frequency, 13.56 MHz high frequency (MIFARE, DESFire, and TS Card), and PKI support
  • Customizable
    Identiv or third-party card stock personalization with custom printing and encoding
  • Scalable Volume
    500 to tens of thousands
  • Fast
    48 to 72 hour turnaround

Simplified via Cloud

Identiv’s uTrust Cards Service Bureau leverages Identiv’s cloud-based card management system. It is designed to help corporations issue badges for different populations, such as employees, contractors, and visitors, to streamline the process during a merger, or to simplify the implementation of a new identities policy.

Top Use Cases

  • Re-badging
    New corporate identity or type of credentials for corporations in acquisitions/mergers
  • Students
    Issuance of new badges in preparation for current school year
  • Standardizing
    Standard access control across hospital sites
  • Customized
    Different badges for remote employees and temporary visitors

Product Collateral for uTrust Cards Service Bureau

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