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Identiv’s innovative technology helps airports and aviation facilities face unique challenges head-on as they manage internal airport personnel, customs agents, security teams, and the general public.

Why do so many facilities choose Identiv’s complete portfolio of airport solutions? Take a look.

Identiv secures every area of an airport environment.

Modern airports manage multiple entities. Customs are concerned with evaluating items entering the country. TSA is focused on what travelers are bringing with them. Airline personnel are worried about getting their flights out safely. Airports are fixated on keeping the AOA secure. Even retail stores want to give passengers a safe environment. And the general public is concerned with getting to their destinations as quickly and safely as possible.

We offer access control that fulfills any requirement.

With our strong background in government, we can help you meet requirements for secure ID formats, such as PIV or CAC, and we’ll help you easily comply with FICAM requirements. Additionally, the power of 3VR’s analytics-centric VMS shows security personnel the video they need to quickly address any issues.

Ready to secure your aviation site? Identiv can help.

  • End-to-end FICAM APL solution
  • Secure FIPS 140-2 encryption
  • EMV 2011 and FIPS 201 compliant
  • Supports PIV and CAC card populations
  • Enterprise scalable
  • Analytics-based video management for quick searches
  • Flexible, distributed video solutions
  • Integrated solutions for more intelligent security responses

Identiv and San Diego International Airport won Best Physical Access Solution.

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A leading Asia-based air cargo terminal chose Identiv for integrated access control.

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