Election Security Solutions

Identiv’s election security solutions use government-standard encryption, contact, contactless, and RFID technology. The logical access control secure voting solutions ensure votes are counted and trustworthy.

Trusted Election Security Solutions

For cybersecurity experts, election officials, and voters, the security of the American voting system is a hot topic. With 100,000+ polling places throughout the U.S. during any given election, and essentially no standardization between locations, there is plenty of room for improving the system.

But where does that improvement even start? In order to make Election Day as secure as possible, changes can actually be easily (and affordably) made at each polling location itself. Implementing logical access control with smart, government-standard technology can ensure votes are encrypted, counted, and trusted. Identiv’s election security solutions can do just that.

Integrating Secure Voting Solutions

For paper-based voting systems that use touch-screen technology and produce paper records for tabulation, integrating the contact board from Identiv’s SCR3310 v2.0 Smart Card Reader keeps election data and cast vote records secure, ensuring no data is stored on the device. Election security features provided by SCR3310 v2.0 include physical and system access controls, audit logs, system application controls, government-grade encryption, and hash validation and digital signatures.

Making Hacking Obsolete

While smart card reader technology will not prevent a voting system from being hacked, the right reader can make hacking pointless. Identiv’s uTrust 2700 R Contact Smart Card Reader is another election security option that encrypts individual votes, protecting voter privacy and discouraging meddling.

Election Security Solution Compliance

Identiv’s CAC and PIV-approved SCR3310 v2.0 and uTrust 2700 R are small, robust PC-linked contact USB smart card readers that work with virtually all smart cards and are fully compliant with all major industry standards, including ISO/IEC 7816, USB CCID, PC/SC, Microsoft WHQL, EMV 2011, and GSA FIPS 201. Identiv-specific SmartOS™ provides convenience, fast transaction times, high security, and reliability.

Authentication and Identification

Identiv’s convenient contactless smart card readers and boards are equally ideal secure voting solutions, providing government-grade identification that can easily be integrated at polling places across the country. uTrust 3700 F Contactless Smart Card Reader, uTrust 4701 F Dual Interface Smart Card Reader, uTrust 3500 F Contactless Smart Card Reader Board, and uTrust 4500 F Dual Interface Smart Card Reader Board combine contact, contactless, and radio frequency identification (RFID)/near field communication (NFC) technology, while supporting ISO/IEC 7816 and 13.56 MHz smart cards.

In all cases, voters need to authenticate and sign each voting transaction via smart card. Identiv’s dual-interface uTrust MD (Mini Driver) Smart Cards and uTrust SmartID Secure Access Credentials are Microsoft®-compatible, PKI digital signature-based credentials that provide trusted authentication, digital signatures, secure remote access, and data encryption.

However you’re voting on the big day, Identiv’s election security solutions can help keep your vote safe and secure.

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