Verifying Identities in the Shifting EdTech Landscape

How Identiv Prevents Cyberattacks and Powers Passwordless, Platform-Agnostic E-Learning

Verifying EdTech Identities White Paper

The only solution is strong multi-factor authentication.

Education is evolving. While the virtual classroom, alongside education technology (EdTech) tools and practices aimed at enhancing learning, is not a new model in the university setting, K-12 institutions are facing daily challenges to verify access while safely and securely shifting to 100% virtual and hybrid learning environments. The reality is virtual and hybrid education is here to stay and the rapid surge in online learning is affecting all age groups.

This paper highlights the importance of digital responsibility to ensure virtual learning is a safe experience for students as well as educators. It also discusses some common cyberattacks and their solutions so schools can create secure EdTech environments.

“The threats experienced during the surge in online learning have thrown educators a security curveball. The types and levels of cyber threats focusing on online education platforms and e-learning tools have made EdTech a battleground. The education sector must find solutions to these threats to ensure that education across all age groups is seamless, secure, safe, and continues unabated.”
- Dr. Manfred Mueller