Enterphone™ Kiosk Touch Screen Intercom System

Enterphone™ Kiosk by Identiv is a 19-inch stainless steel touch screen intercom system.

Visitor entry meets tenant security. The Enterphone Kiosk is the only touch screen intercom you’ll ever need.

Access Granted. Access Denied.

Enterphone Kiosks by Identiv are 19-inch full-color touchscreen intercom accessories for the Freedom l by Identiv system. Freestanding Enterphone 19 Kiosks are ideal for entrances, lobbies, and gates.EnterphoneKiosks allow building tenants to communicate with visitors and grant or deny entry. Units can display residential or commercial building directory listings with a building-specific screen saver. Options include built-in cameras, card access, and elevator control. Multiple panels can be connected on a shared database or to central Freedom by Identiv for complete card access.

Why We Love the Enterphone Kiosk

  1. Secure — Allows building tenants to communicate with visitors and grant or deny entry
  2. Integrated — Integrates with other Enterphone products and Freedom by Identiv
  3. Complete — Multiple panels can be connected for complete card access

Standard Features

  • Residential or business listing formats with drop-down menus
  • Unlimited names, card users, cards, schedules, and groups
  • Dial via integrated touch screen or keypad
  • Auto redial to alternate number
  • Unlimited administrative users
  • Full access, read-only, and no access administrative permissions
  • Exportable log event history with filters for auditing and sharing
  • Simple integration with third-party access control systems

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