Liberty Access Control Hardware

Identiv’s powerful, affordable Liberty Access Control hardware system is an ideal solution for small-to-medium installations, providing web-based access control management for up to 32 doors.

100% web-based, network-centric security. Access control hardware was meant to leverage the IoT and cloud.

Flexibility Meets Power

The Liberty Access Control hardware system is a powerful, affordable access control solution for small-to-medium installations. Liberty provides web-based access control management for up to 32 doors, including elevator control and complex input and output logic. Liberty utilizes a compact web server appliance to administer the entire system and is accessible from any web browser and browser-enabled device.

Liberty Encryption Bridge

The Liberty Encryption Bridge is an Internet of Things (IoT) hardware device for physical access control designed to translate varying door and security device protocols to a standard, highly secured cross-platform protocol. It’s also easy to retrofit without disruption. Liberty enables an efficient pathway for retrofitting conventional access control systems. Existing door devices and cabling can be reused and Liberty supports an unlimited number of card formats with the ability to decrypt unknown formats.

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Simple. Secure. Economical.

  • Enables fast, easy deployment via intuitive web-based user interface for configuration and programming with reduced installation time, costs, and hardware footprint
  • Conventional door devices wire directly to Liberty Encryption Bridge, translating device data to TCP/IP for 256-bit AES secured communication with the appliance and software
  • Significantly reduces costs by replacing expensive, cumbersome control panel hardware and installation with a compact, energy-efficient Liberty Encryption Bridge

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