uTrust Proximity Credentials

Simple, contactless, low-frequency (125 kHz) uTrust Proximity Credentials are compatible with most existing building systems.

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This is physical access control made easy.From enterprise to government, enable employees, temporary workers, and visitors.

Find Your Form Factor

Identiv Clamshell Proximity Card

Clamshell Proximity Card

P/N: 4000
Durable card design for harsh environments

Identiv ISO Card (PVC or Composite)

ISO Card (PVC or Composite)

P/N: 4010, 4020
Ideal for employee badging and suitable for use with most card printers

Identiv ISO Card (PVC or Composite) with Mag Stripe Option

ISO Card (PVC or Composite) with Mag Stripe Option

P/N: 4030, 4032
Ideal for employee badging with a need for magnetic stripe (i.e., time and attendance)

Identiv Key Fob Proximity Credential

Key Fob Proximity Credential

P/N: 4082
Sturdy form factor for key ring applications

Identiv Round Sticker Proximity Credential

Round Sticker Proximity Credential

P/N: 4090
Adhesive form factor for non-technology cards

Identiv Wristband Proximity Credential

Wristband Proximity Credential

P/N: 4097, 4098
Wearable form factor for sporting events, amusement parks, and concerts

Now Available

Round TOM® (Tag On Metal) Sticker Proximity Credential

P/N: 40-042-TOM-LFSTICK-001
TOM® (Tag On Metal) adhesive form factor for metal environments
(e.g., mobile phones)

Migrate from Mag Stripe

We’ve got a proven, cost-effective solution for quick migration from magnetic stripe technology. uTrust Proximity Credentials utilize RFID technology for reliable data exchange of physical access control system (PACS) data.

Read-Only 125 KHz Proximity Cards

Identiv’s Read-Only 125 KHz Proximity Cards are a non-rewritable, cost-effective solution that integrates with existing reader ecosystems supporting EM4102/EM4200. These credentials are not compatible with regular 125 KHz proximity cards and require specific infrastructure to support their custom protocol and frequency modulation (i.e., 64-bit Manchester encoding). This chip solution is widely used in different applications, including access control, logistics automation, industrial applications, anti-counterfeiting, and animal tagging.

Avoid Disruption in Your System

uTrust Proximity Credentials support HID Prox, Casi Rusco, Indala, and more. The credentials can be personalized (programmed and/or printed) or not. Plus, to simplify even further, we can program and print each product with your PACS format and employee information.

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