Sustainable Packaging IoT Use Case

Cutting Carbon Footprints with Eco-Friendly RFID and NFC

Sustainable Packaging
Use Case

Sustainability is the greatest challenge of our times.

Our dependence on fossil fuels and single-use plastics has harmed the environment, which is why companies across the globe realize the importance of reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable materials. However, there are huge challenges involved in making this change

Identiv’s innovative Eco-Friendly RFID and NFC Tags solve the challenges of sustainable packaging. These are non-etched, paper-based inlays that decrease the customary use of polyethylene terephthalate (PET)-based substrates and etching byproducts.

Identiv’s Eco-Friendly RFID and NFC Tags boast the lowest carbon footprint available today. Unlike competitors that only offer paper-based UHF antennas, we uniquely offer both eco-friendly, non-etched HF/NFC and UHF inlays. While other companies provide eco-friendly UHF RFID technology, their NFC solutions are merely green-washed. We are the only company that offers truly eco-friendly HF NFC.
Dr. Manfred Mueller, Identiv GM Identity