uTrust 4510 F Secure Contactless Reader Module
uTrust 4511 F Secure Contactless Reader Module

uTrust 4511 F Secure Contactless Reader Module

Contact ISO/IEC 7816 (internal SAM Socket), Contactless ISO/IEC 14443 and NFC, USB CCID, Firmware upgradable.

The Identiv uTrust 4511 F Contactless Reader Board is the ideal combination of contactless and leading edge NFC technologies protected by an optional SAM. The optimized transaction times help to achieve real tap and go for best possible end user convenience and acceptance. It handles all of them, ID1 sized cards, key fobs, any size of token, NFC labels or even NFC enabled smart phones.

Additional Information

The state of the art interoperability driven by its multi-protocol and multi technology feature set makes the Identiv uTrust 4511 F the ideal reader to get integrated into various applications.

The Identiv uTrust 4511 F is designed to offer best-in-class interoperability with various formats of tokens: cards, dongles, watches or NFC mobile phones. Its in-field upgradeable firmware makes the Identiv uTrust 4511 F a secure and future-proof investment, providing both flexibility and fast time to market for new applications as well as minimum risk linked to contactless technology standards evolution.

Typical Applications

The Identiv uTrust 4511 F with its all-in-one concept enables a smooth transition from well-established use applications towards latest NFC based use cases. The reader is ideally suited for use applications like network log-on, secure web based transactions or even NFC based customer loyalty programs.


  • Multi-protocol 13.56MHz contactless and contact reader:
    • ISO/IEC 7816 SAM support
    • ISO14443 type A & B
    • MIFARE™
    • CD21
    • FeliCa™
    • Broadcom TOPAZ
    • NFC Form tag types 1-4
    • NFC enabled smart phones and tablets
    • Full feature support of various contactless tags
  • NFC Peer to peer mode
  • Protected SAM socket
  • CCID compliant, additionally supported by PC/SC drivers coming on top
  • SmartOS™ powered
  • In-field upgradeable firmware
  • Easy fit concept

Technical Data