Hirsch Physical Access Solution with Edge EVO
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Hirsch Physical Access Solution with Edge EVO

Hirsch Physical Access Solution with Edge EVO

Provides power-over-Ethernet (PoE) simplicity, wide-ranging credential support, and robust security system management in an easy-to-use modular package installed at the “edge”.

Identiv’s Physical Access Solution with Edge EVO combines world-class reader/credential technologies and security management software with a network-connected power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Edge EVO door access controller, reducing cost of ownership by leveraging existing network infrastructure. Buying and using the solution is easy, as all key components are included as a complete package — controller, door reader, credentials, and software.

Identiv’s solution delivers robust identity management from credential to management software in a highly scalable architecture. The solution allows the use of both trusted smart identities and legacy access cards to gain secure access to premises.

For modern businesses looking to secure their premises in today’s connected world, Identiv’s Physical Access Solution with Edge EVO provides a complete modular, easy-to-install package that manages identity across the organization or enterprise, one door and one credential at a time. The solution also provides a migration path from existing legacy systems while offering a bridge to future-looking technologies — like cloud-based software and identity management and mobility options.

Typical Applications

  • Server farms and mobile phone infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Enterprise
  • Large facilities/campuses

Features and Benefits

  • Inclusive end-to-end solution that is compatible by design: uTrust TS Reader, uTrust Credential, Velocity Software and the Edge EVO PoE controller
  • Simplifies installation, maintenance, and operation of system
  • Leverages network infrastructure
  • Streamlines troubleshooting and reduces the possibility of physical attacks on the system
  • Monitors, controls, manages, and audits site security
  • Supports existing credentials and facilitates updates as needed, allowing management of card populations based on budget and practicality
  • Upgradeable at any time for the most secure credential to avoid "replay" or "clone" attacks — imagine a key that cannot be duplicated
uTrust-Edge EVO-Diagram

Technical Data

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