uTrust Proximity Credentials
uTrust Proximity Credentials

uTrust Proximity Credentials

Simple low-frequency (125 kHz) proximity credentials to open a door. Compatible with most existing building systems.

Identiv provides a range of low-frequency proximity technologies compatible with most existing building systems. These credentials are relevant for enterprise or government entities to enable their employees, temporary workers, and visitors with contactless technology to access their premises.

Clamshell Proximity Card
P/N: 4000

Durable card design for harsh environments

ISO Card (PVC or Composite)
P/N: 4010, 4020

Ideal for employee badging and suitable for use with most card printers

ISO Card (PVC or Composite) with Mag Stripe Option
P/N: 4030, 4032

Ideal for employee badging with a need for magnetic stripe (i.e., time and attendance applications)

Key Fob Proximity Credential
P/N: 4082

Sturdy form factor for key ring applications

Round Sticker Proximity Credential 
P/N: 4090

Adhesive form factor for non-technology cards or mobile devices

Wristband Proximity Credential
P/N: 4096

Wearable form factor for physical access; ideal for sporting events, amusement parks, and concerts

Based on low frequency (125 kHz) contactless technology, Identiv credentials are a proven and cost-effective solution for a quick migration from magnetic stripe technology. These contactless credentials utilize radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for reliable data exchange of physical access control systems (PACS) data. Delivered as generic credentials (cards, key fobs, wristbands, and tags/stickers), the products offer universal compatibility with today’s most popular brands, making integration a simple process.

Identiv credentials support a variety of proximity technology including HID Prox, Casi Rusco, Indala, and more. The credentials can be ordered personalized (programmed and/or printed) or non-personalized. To facilitate adoption, Identiv can program and print each product with your physical access control system (PACS) format and employee information to avoid any disruptive change in your existing infrastructure.

Credential personalization is done through Identiv Trust Services (ITS), a cloud service that enables organizations to order and manage their credentials online or automate the production experience through integration with an organization's internal onboarding systems.

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