Provisioning Services
Provisioning Services

Provisioning Services

Identiv Trust Services (ITS) delivers a standards-based, single trusted identity and smart card solution via a managed identity service.

Until recently, if an enterprise wished to implement a smart card solution, the only option was to aggregate, install, integrate, and manage the smart card environment in-house. Identiv offers a service that already has the infrastructure setup and ready to use, audits completed, and lifecycle features built. This helps organizations avoid customizations, a great deal of time, complexity, cost, and resource overhead when issuing and managing identity credentials.

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idOnDemand delivers a standards-based, single trusted identity and smart card solution via a managed identity service.

Using the idOnDemand managed identity service, organizations can simply and cost effectively grant trusted access for employees, customers and partners to information and assets such as IT systems, remote access, data encryption, secure email and buildings.

Authorized users no longer need to carry multiple tokens, ID cards, building access cards or remember multiple passwords.

Our simple ‘pay-as-you-go’ model offers one fixed price so you pay only for the users you need, as you need them. You can eliminate the complexity and operating costs associated with managing and deploying an internal smart card identity project and your organization will experience significant savings by avoiding upfront capital and ongoing management costs of replacing, installing, maintaining and managing onsite servers and systems.


idOnDemand SmartID cards are multi-function - one card includes all the capabilities necessary to secure access to all corporate assets, including IT systems, building systems and even to encrypt email and documents.  Features include:

  • Double-sided, high-resolution and over-edge printing
  • Embedded visual security
  • Hologram and customized UV light
  • Contact and contactless
  • Smart card chip and contactless antenna for "touch"
  • Authorization, authentication and physical access systems
  • Remote authentication
  • Authenticate to corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN) using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate
  • IT systems access
  • Login to your computer, websites and SaaS services supporting OpenID, PKI or SAML
  • Building access system
  • Compatible with most popular technologies today; proximity, magnetic stripe, barcodes and PIV (FIPS 201)
  • Disk, file and email encryption
  • Protect critical information-based assets from leakage
  • Electronic signatures
  • Root-trusted PKI signing certificates allowing email, documents and other transactions to be electronically signed and validated internally and externally.
  • FIPS 201 compatible enables interaction with other companies, governments and compatible FIPS 201 equipment.

With an idOnDemand SmartID, you can replace separate building and identity cards, simplifying security and increasing user satisfaction.

Managed Identity Service

idOnDemand Identity as a Service (IDaaS) centralizes and automates the process of enrolling, producing and distributing an idOnDemand SmartID. Organizations no longer need to purchase, deploy, administer, patch and backup on-site identity management systems. This dramatically reduces the time, effort and cost to deploy secure trusted identities throughout the organization.

To issue an identity, administrators use the idOnDemand browser-based enrollment tool to easily and quickly capture the information needed, including the user's photograph. Once complete, the badge is printed in our secure facility and dispatched worldwide via a secure courier service or printed onsite.

idOnDemand IDaaS is located in a secure SSAE16 certified bunker. idOnDemand has implemented significant security and auditing functions to ensure that only the relevant organization can access their identity information. You can start by using as few or as many features of the idOnDemand SmartID technology as suits your organization.

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